Woody's Fishing Lake - Our rules for fishing on the lake


  • 1. The management decision is final in all matters at Woody's.
  • 2. The welfare of fish is paramount at all times.
  • 3. Litter must be taken home, or put in the bins in the car park. Every angler are responsible for their own swim and adjacent area.
  • 4. All rods when ‘baited and cast out’ shall not be left unattended.
  • 5. No drugs.
  • 6. Day/Night tickets to be purchased from the bailiff on the bank, and must be produced on request.
  • 7. Members are only allowed 1 guest (which have to be from the same household), and they will be charged a £5.00 fee and rod fee accordingly.
  • 8. Tackle used will be in the keeping with the sought after species (no fixed leaders under any circumstances and minimum 15lb line when angling for carb or catfish).
  • 9. Landing mats must be used at all times.
  • 10. Minimum of 42” landing net for carp and catfish.
  • 11. No unruly or rowdy behaviour.
  • 12. Remember the adjoining residents and respect their privacy.
  • 13. Membership cards, must be carried at all times along with fishing licence.
  • 14. No fish over 3lb to be kept in a keep net, no fish under 3lb to be kept in a keep net for more than 6 hours.
  • 15. No live or dead baiting.
  • 16. No nuts.
  • 17. Bait boats are allowed but must be used within casting distance only and within the boundaries of your own swim.
  • 18. No open fires.
  • 19. No swimming.
  • 20. No radios.
  • 21. Maximum 3 rods per angler.
  • 22. No dogs.
  • 23. Due to COVID-19, members can only fish for 48 hours with no return within 24 hours.
  • 24. Carp care kits must be carried by all anglers.
  • 25. Bivvy’s only no tents.
  • 26. Please do not block access around the lake.
  • 27. Micro barbed hooks only.
  • 28. Lake gate to be closed at all times.
  • Rules can change at any time without notice. Failure to comply with rules could result in you being banned, and your membership revoked. (Memberships are non-refundable).

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Woody's lake fishing overview

  • Catfish
    Our beautiful lakes are stocked with Catfish up to 80lbs. Please be aware of the baits and hooks allowed.

  • Carp
    These gorgeous lakes are the habitat of Carp up to 35lbs +.

  • Woody's fishing lake fees
    £5 per rod
    £60 Membership joining fee
    Strictly 18's and over
    Contact Management - 07555 640637 Bull Pub - 01375 645000